Expensive Articles of Clothing You Should Invest In

In the shopping world, you can always find a very similar desired piece at a cheaper price somewhere else. However, certain things are worth investing in more than others. I’m here to inform you on the things that should be invested in and why.

  1. Jeans

Absolutely spend the most money on your jeans because it will always, always show. Denim is a really tricky type of fabric because the way it stretches and forms to your body differs drastically. That said, it’s really important to leave denim to the expert designers who know it best. Expensive jeans that fit well can never, ever be beat by a Forever 21 version (unfortunately). Also, jeans are essential to everyone’s closet. Most everyone has at least a few go-to pairs of jeans that have been with them for years. I know that I wear jeans almost every single day, especially living in San Francisco where the weather restricts anything but full length pants. That said, jeans need to last. Repeat that to yourself again and again. Don’t buy jeans that will fade color, tear or lose that ‘brand new’ look.

A couple suggestions for great quality jeans to invest in from personal experience: Rag&Bone, Iro, Levi’s, One Teaspoon, Current/Elliot, James Jeans

2. Knit Sweaters

This one is tricky because pricey sweaters are often really delicate and may require dry cleaning or careful hand-washing. But even though they’re high maintenance, its all about the fit of the sweater. From personal experience I’ve found that every cheap sweater I buy because “hey I need sweaters and it’s $30,” ends up in the back of my closet, never worn, and eventually given away. Again, it’s all about the fit. Cheaper sweaters tend to not have a very flattering cut and/or the threads will quickly become a mess.

A couple of my favorite places for great sweaters would be: Free People, Anthropologie, Acne

3. Bikinis/Swimwear

Okay this one took me many years to finally figure out. I am obsessed with bikinis way more than I’d like to admit and every single summer I make the same mistake. I never understood why 6 inches of fabric was over a hundred dollars until I purchased a super expensive suit a few years ago. It is still in impressively perfect condition and definitely surpasses all of my other cheap bikinis that lasted me maybe one summer at the most. Ever since then, I make sure to invest in my swimwear because falling in love with one special suit for the summer beats a million suits that just ain’t right. Not only that, but quality bikinis = very flattering. ‘Nuff said.

Some of my favs: Mikoh, Frankie’s Bikinis, Stonefox Swim, San Lorenzo Swim

So when it comes to investing your money right, I’d say those three things should be prioritized (obviously keeping in mind your lifestyle or where you live). The main reason as to why I wouldn’t say invest in dresses, tops, basics, athletic wear etc. is because all of those things need to be recycled. As new trends come in, chances are you won’t be interested in that piece forever and/or it will become worn out and need a fresh replacement.

And thanks for reading my post! Hope you enjoyed!


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