Interior Decorating for People Who Don’t Know What They Want

When it comes to decorating a home or a room, it can be really complicated to fixate on a single design or theme because the possibilities are endless. The thing that I’ve observed from personal experience is that, in most cases, you will eventually get sick of however you decorate your room. So, keep that in mind when designing your home and especially when it comes to the financial factor of it all. That said, I’ll share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks to interiors that will be timeless and effortlessly beautiful.

First of all, wall color is one of the biggest things to prioritize because even though it can be easily changed, it is such a huge pain to paint walls once furniture is already placed. Personally, my key to wall color happiness is white walls. Not only is white a very flattering color in relation to lighting and making a spacious-looking home, but with the right decorating, you can infinitely change up your interior’s look without having to repaint. Now, something that can get really complicated is the fact that there are a million shades of white. So in order to pick the right temperature and shade of white, try to decide if you want warmer, romantic room vibes, cooler, beach-y tones or more of a neutral white. And then I’d suggest making a few room swatches to test out against the kind of lighting you have.


The next major thing to be cautious about is the furniture that you decide to invest in. Furniture can be really expensive and it is the main determining factor for functional comfort in your home. So, deciding on the right pieces is essential. If you’re unsure about your style of furniture, I suggest going simple. Plain, neutral colored furniture can be transformed with bright or eye-catching decor. Also, the main thing you need out of your furniture is usage and functionality. So, be sure your couch is super comfortable and your table is the right dimensions, ect.

Now decorating is the most exciting and fun part. However, it is really difficult to give general guidance for decor since everyone’s styles are different and even I have my own decorating bias. In order to gauge a sense of how you should decorate, the three main things to consider would be: location, your personality and comfortability. But, I will let you in on some of my favorite decorating techniques for your consideration in picking and choosing.

Steve Giannetti's office at Patina Farm, the home of Brooke and Steven Giannetti in Ojai, CA.  Architecture by Steven Giannetti and interior design by Brooke Giannetti. Homes with lots of windows and natural lighting have my heart. It really provides an uplifting mood to the whole room. If you combine neutral colors and/or wood with greenery inside the home, it will make it a really relaxing environment. It’s a good idea to have a at least one plant in each room because house plants are known to help calm stress and anxiety. Also, adding details of pastel colors will keep the mood relaxed vs. a bright color which would offset the serenity.


If you’re looking for a feminine, bohemian, chic vibe, I can definitely help you out there. This is by far my favorite style for a bedroom. A classic, romantic look can be achieved by having the room mostly white with pops of florals and reds. Combine that with some gold or neutral wall/shelving decorations and you’re set.

   10x-bohemian-slaapkamer-10-550x823   7295cf15a09a63ac76fc38d9f3f2b926--boho-bedrooms-ideas-bohemian-bedrooms

An intricate style which I love using in both home decorating and fashion is mixing textures. Even if you decide to go with plain white walls, you can add some texture to them to create you’re own style (for example, tile or bricks). Same goes for bedding, rugs, chairs, ect. By mixing textures, you’re giving your home a more humble, natural appearance because it looks carefree. Basically, everyone will think that you just have an accidentally beautiful, eye-pleasing home.

73ba1761be12fdabe67a28a93de704c6    36056687_028_b14    anthropologie-textured-chevron-duvet

Thanks for reading! I truly hope you found something to inspire you!



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